Aboriginal Wall Paintings

Aboriginal Wall Paintings


Made In: Australia
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  •  Print on fabric
  •  Portraying – Bindar People
  •  Size: 16″ x 20″

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Product Information

Aborignal art is based on ancient stories and centered around “dreamtime”, a period in which the indigenous people believe their world was created. The art also stands as a written language.

This piece shares the storry of the “Bindar People” who hunted all the animals till none were left.  With the help of the great spirits they were evenaully able to transform them into grass eating animals which they hunted.  After which the small animals started to return and the grass grew back.

Where It Was Made

Indigenous communites in Australia share their scared stories and secrets through their art.

Who It Was Made By

The artist “Naiura” was born in 1932 and learned his art through his mother.

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Hunting, Spiritual


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