Amethyst and Peridot Silver Filigree Drop Earrings

Amethyst and Peridot Silver Filigree Drop Earrings


Made In: India
Sku/Item #: 1014
Availability: In stock
  • Three Amethyst and three peridot stones in silver
  • Intricate silver filigree separates the gemstones
  • Length: 1.5″

Only 1 left in stock

Only 1 left in stock

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Product Information

Experience the truly divine with these amethyst and peridot silver filigree drop earrings. This unique set of earrings is rife with detail. The overall shape is reminiscent of the butterfly—the crown position is held by the largest of the peridot stones, followed by two smaller peridots that adorn the mid-line in a vertical arrangement. A silver filigree design spans out from the midpoint in a rolling arc, or, in the shape of butterfly wings. The three large amethysts “drop” from the bottom of the filigree design in a sweeping dangle. If you’re a fan of amethyst and peridot earrings, this pair is refreshingly unique, much like a breath of fresh air. These amethyst and peridot silver filigree drop earrings will lend an air of the exotic to whatever you wear. Their lightweight construction will also feel so comfortable you may forget you have them on—until you receive the next compliment on them!


Where It Was Made

Intricate and delicate details are a speciality of Indian artisans from Jaipur.  They take pride in creating art with their hands and bring you this beautiful piece of art to dress up your life.

Who It Was Made By

A Jaipur artisan conceptualized and created this pair of luxurious earrings. Each piece is handmade with a lot of care and precision. The  semi-precious gemstones are hand picked to ensure good quality.


The artisans of Jaipur specialize in making silver jewelry. Their creations span from earrinings to bracelets to rings to necklaces.


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