Beaded Orange and Pink Bracelet

Beaded Orange and Pink Bracelet


Made In: India
Sku/Item #: 1073
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• Orange and pink beads

• Dainty cubic zirconia

• Stretchy with a snug fit

Only 1 left in stock

Only 1 left in stock

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Product Information

Jewelry > Earrings >beaded orange and pink bracelet PK: Beaded orange and pink bracelet LT: beaded bracelet 74.

Beaded Orange and Pink Bracelet Show off a whole new you with this colorful beaded orange and pink bracelet. It features row after row of beads set off by a row of eye-catching cubic zirconia stones. Dimensions: Features: Made by: Rachicha Made in: India SKU: 1073 Price: About This Item You’ll love the snug fit and playfulness you’ll feel while wearing this beaded orange and pink bracelet. If you are the type to constantly find new ways to express and reinvent yourself, you’ll find it with this special beaded bracelet. The quality craftsmanship behind the construction of this bracelet will ensure you’ll get much use of it, year after year. The orange and pink beads give off a warmth and energy appreciated by capricious spirits. If it is originality and an off-the-beaten-path approach you crave, this bracelet will capture just the right tone for you. Find just the right means of expression through this beaded orange and pink bracelet. It’s sure to become a favorite and once you see how prettily it wraps around your wrist, you may have a hard time taking it off. That’s okay though, there’s no law against it.

Where It Was Made

Rachika and team are based in Delhi and are inspired by the latest fashion trends as they create this beautiful pieces of art which will add color and style to your personality

Who It Was Made By

Rachika and team have been working with beads and other trendy materials to create unique and bold pieces of jewelry for over 15 years.  Playing with bright color combinations and creating interesting designs is a way of bringing India to the modern world.


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