Bracelet Silver & Turqiouse

Bracelet Silver & Turqiouse


Made In: India
Sku/Item #: 1055
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Bracelet Silver & Turqoiuse

Only 1 left in stock

Only 1 left in stock

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Product Information

Jewelry > Bracelet > Silver and Turquoise Chain Bracelet PK: silver and turquoise chain bracelet LT: turquoise chain bracelet, turquoise bracelet 56. Silver and Turquoise Chain Bracelet Who can resist the eye-catching splendor of this silver and turquoise chain bracelet? Dimensions: Features: • Silver chain link enhances turquoise stones • Circle-shaped turquoise in a smaller-to-larger sequence • Prevent slippage with a sturdy lobster claw lock Made by: Silver Line Made in: India SKU: 1055 Price: About This Item Turquoise, a stone held sacred by Native Americans and Mexicans for centuries, has spent the last few decades finding its way into our hearts and on to our wrists, ears, necks and fingers. Our silver and turquoise chain bracelet delivers fifteen marbled turquoise stones mounted in fine silver. The turquoise bracelet was pieced together alternating a large stone with a small stone, all the way around. The turquoise itself is finely marbled and gleams within each silver setting. This delicate and lovely jangly bracelet promises to make each wearer beam with pride with just one cursory glance downward. The metal and stone couldn’t be more flatteringly paired together and this turquoise chain bracelet can be paired with jeans and cowboy boots just as successfully as it can with a little black dress.

Where It Was Made

This piece was hand crafted in Delhi.  ARTEFACTS from India In olden times, Indians wore jewelry made of crude stones and other metals.

Who It Was Made By

The Artisan expresses his gratitude to the Aisra partnership and others like it for enabling him to make a living doing work he loves and beatifying people with his jewelry across the world, while being able to afford education, healthcare and housing.


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