Citrine/Peridot/Crystal Earings

Citrine/Peridot/Crystal Earings


Made In: India
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Citrine/Peridot/Crystal Earings

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Only 1 left in stock

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Product Information

Jewelry > Earrings > Citrine, Peridot and Crystal Silver Drop Earrings PK: citrine, peridot and crystal silver drop earrings LT: citrine, peridot and crystal earrings, citrine, peridot and silver earrings 20. Citrine, Peridot and Crystal Silver Drop Earrings Citrine, peridot and crystal silver drop earrings are a favorite among lovers of pastel and silver. What makes this pair unique is its originality and the TLC that went into hand-crafting all pieces that work so well together. Dimensions: Features: • Ultra-feminine pastel yellow and green with crystals • Light silver enhances citrine, peridot and crystal stones • Butterfly clasp guarantees a firm fit Made by: Amrapali Made in: SKU: 1019 Price: About This Item If you are looking for a pair of earrings that softens your personality, consider these breathtaking citrine, peridot and crystal earrings. They dangle delicately and multiple stones reflect both natural and man-made lighting so brilliantly, you may have to be cautious about inadvertently temporarily blinding people you encounter! To adequately describe these citrine, peridot and silver earrings, you could say: At the lobe sits the half-moon shape base which holds the citrine stone. Below this, a sturdy, double chain link holds a larger cavern for the peridot gemstone. From this stone extends an upside-down faceted cone from which the eye-catching crystal extends.

Where It Was Made

Hand crafted in Delhi

Who It Was Made By

The artisan is honoring age-old traditions, hand-crafted whimsical and ethereal pieces for girly girls who are always on the lookout for jewelry that is especially feminine.


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