Classic Vintage Handmade Silver Glass

Classic Vintage Handmade Silver Glass


Made In: India
Sku/Item #: 1004

• Delicate and versatile glass

• Can be used with both hot and cold liquids

• Easy to rinse, handwash and dry with all your other dishes


Only 1 left in stock

Only 1 left in stock


Product Information

This versatile classic vintage handmade silver glass is a Renaissance glass among serving ware. You can use it to mix your favorite cocktail, and serve your martinis ‘shaken not stirred.’ Pour and serve cold beverages without your hands getting frosty. Classic handmade silver glasses are not all created equal. Unlike others, this one is not mass-produced or mechanically manufactured, but rather, has been created by an Indian artesian who also hand-decorated and embossed its one-of-a-kind, part-textured-part-glossy exterior. Order just one of these vintage silver glasses and share with admiring friends at your next social affair.

Who It Was Made By

About the Artisan Part of Aditi’s mission is to create timeless and classic pieces. She’s been fortunate to find an extended audience through Aisra.


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