Double Strand Citrine Dangling Earrings

Double Strand Citrine Dangling Earrings


Made In: India
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Transparent citrine shimmers and glitters in any light • Resilient silver shepherd’s hook clasps securely to ears • Solid silver foundation anchors stones in place

Only 1 left in stock

Only 1 left in stock

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Product Information

Citrine fans will rejoice when they see the clarity and flawless finish of these double strand citrine dangling earrings. The luminous glow and deep luster of these dangling earrings may just halt all the people you come in contact with to stop and admire their shiny phosphorescence. These citrine dangling earrings will sway delicately as you walk in and out of all the rooms you brighten like a breath of fresh air. They are astonishingly breathtaking and can be worn for both casual and out-on-the-town escapades. If you are in search of a flashy pair of earrings that will stop people in their tracks or reflect light across a room like a mirror, these double strand dangling earrings are for you. The silver base is sturdy, pretty and a great companion metal to the alluring citrine stone.


Who It Was Made By

Artisan from Delhi have create this piece of artistic expression that delicately balances culture and nature, inspiring pieces that empower whoever wears these earrings.


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