Gold Mesh Dangling Discs Earrings

Gold Mesh Dangling Discs Earrings


Made In: India
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  • Hand-made gold-plated earrings are finely detailed
  • Drop swoop gold mesh earrings dangle prettily from each ear
  • Sturdy shepherd’s hook clasps firmly to anchor earrings in place

Only 1 left in stock

Only 1 left in stock

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Product Information

These gold mesh dangling disc earrings are perfect for any occasion: holiday parties, classic jeans and sweater winter weather looks, summery attire, shopping, the office and more. They are perfect for adding a sleek, polished look to a sharp suit or for darting around town doing errands in casual wear. The nice thing about gold is it is timeless and always elegant. These gold mesh dangling discs earrings are bold yet not overstated, contributing to a classy and refined look, but never demanding attention. You can wear them with all types of jewelry without worrying about clashing, as gold goes with everything. Gold is also soft and flattering against all skin types — from pale pink skin to a richly bronzed tan to a rich mahogany. With these gold mesh earrings, there is no wrong answer.

Who It Was Made By

Goldsmith artisan from Delhi who creates pieces that are subtle or bold and cater to both the shy and outspoken. A feeling of elegant confidence is invoked in those who adorn themselves with his inventions.


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