Lacquer Oriental Green Jewelry Box

Lacquer Oriental Green Jewelry Box


Made In: Burma
Sku/Item #: 1005
• Gorgeous shellac finish over Asian design on black lacquer
• Vintage Asian design includes bulls pulling cart
• Easy-hinge opening on hand-carved wood top and bottom

Only 1 left in stock

Only 1 left in stock

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Product Information

This opulent, hand-painted, wood-carved jewelry box portrays the ancient Asian custom of bulls pulling a cart for upper classmen comes in meticulously-detailed paint in rich green, yellow and white over a hand-shellacked black lacquer base. Lacquer oriental jewelry boxes of this quality can thank the Burmese artisans who hand-crafted them.  This decorative lacquer oriental jewelry box is the perfect place to keep all your most sentimental jewelry.

These creatures pulling passengers can be attributed to numerous Asian mythologies. The ox and bull symbolize strength and fertility and were often used to cart goods and supplies for farmers. Bulls were also a mode of transport for wealthy merchants, shopkeepers and even the aristocracy. The story of the bull is long, interesting and varies from culture to culture. Hence, this lacquer oriental jewelry box can be a focal point and conversation piece. The bull is often seen as a symbol of strength, virility and as a powerful life force. Man’s domination of the bull for commerce and food and other raw materials further illustrates his value. If you are looking to buy jewelry boxes online, look no further than at this flawless artistic depiction. Place all your favorite pieces within for secure keeping and enjoy the beauty on the exterior of the box, hand-painted by a Burmese artisan.

Where It Was Made

ARTEFACTS from Burma. Burma (now called Myanmar) has a rich tradition of arts and crafts. Lacquerware is the artistic process of applying sap to objects to make things like jewelry boxes and vases and then painting scenes of beauty in intricate detail on their surface. When the sap dries, it turns black.

Who It Was Made By

About the Artisan Talented artisan Nakaji has roots in Myanmar where he grew up with eleven siblings who make their living off the land and river. The beauty of the country is largely unmarred and a rural village is where he and his family call home. They practice a range of crafts from basket-weaving to silversmithing to lacquerware. The rest of the family is fishermen and farmers who deliver their daily fresh catch or bundle to the local market and the family have remarked they are “blessed to live off the bounty of the land.”


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