Palm Leaf Painting

Palm Leaf Painting


Made In: India
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Engavings in black w/ no color fillings

Made on dried palm leaves

Size: 5″ x 9″ (deer), 10″ x 8″ (lady)

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  • Product InformationPalm leaf painting is a sacred art of Orissa which was used to write things such as horoscopes, themes of mythological incidents, Gods n Goddesses. This tradition continues to today. In current times artists have incorporated etchings of birds, animals,  nature scenery etc.   This art is called Talapatrachitras in Orissa and has survived centuries n still thrives in abundance.
  • Where It Was MadePalm leaf paintings are an ancient form of art exclusively found in the state of Orissa, India.
  • Who It Was Made ByArtists take rows of same sized palm leaves are arranged together, swen and folded to make a pile.  The artist then etches the designs and images on the surface of the palm leaf using a sharp pen or stylus like object.  After which, ink – a concoction of charcoal of burnt coconut shells, turmeric and oil – is then poured along the lines giving them the definition that bings the painting to life. Vegetable dyes maybe added to give these paintings some color, but these paintings are mostly, dichromatic (black and white). The panels of the paintings are unfolded like a fan to reveal a beautiful patta chitra.

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Animal- deer, Women


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