Perfect Tote Leather Bag

Perfect Tote Leather Bag


Made In: Ethiopia
Sku/Item #: EBA-BNBD0033
Availability: In stock

100% trendy leather bag

Ample room for files

Fits upto 15 inch laptop

Tan color strap adds a fashion statement

Only 1 left in stock

Only 1 left in stock


Product Information

Messanger bag is made with 100% leather.  All our bags are made of pure quality goat, cow and/or sheep leather.  The details are hand crafted with utmost care to match you style.

Where It Was Made

Ethiopia is rich in livestock resulting in a huge amount of focus on producing high quality leather goods. EBA plans on trying new things and creating new trends by encoporating locally made beads with their leather products.  The end goal for this region which is houses 5000 people is to help them overcome their challenges.

Who It Was Made By

Entoto Beth Artisan is a FAIR TRADE Ethiopian social business dedicated to restoring the community on Entoto Mountain by providing fair-wage employment to over one hundred women. The women create unique hand-crafted jewelry pieces using local materials such as recycled tire thread, recycled bullet casing, reused artillery shells in our metal beads and even coated Ethiopian coffee beans.  Entoto also hires locals to produce beautifully designed leather products thereby helping improve the economic conditions of the region.


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