Semiprecious Stone Bracelet Amethist, Citrine

Semiprecious Stone Bracelet Amethist, Citrine


Made In: India
Sku/Item #: 1064
Availability: In stock
One of a kind multiple semiprecious stone bracelet with Amethist, Citrine and others

Only 1 left in stock

Only 1 left in stock

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Product Information

Jewelry > Bracelet > Multi-Gemstone Bracelet PK: multi-gemstone bracelet LT: gemstone bracelet, gem bracelets 65. Multi-Gemstone Bracelet Capture all that sparkles with this radiant multi-gemstone bracelet featuring a variety of shades of amethyst and citrine. Dimensions: Features: • Gorgeous spectrum of amethyst and citrine gems • Place settings set in interesting shapes • Fun and practical toggle clasp Made by: Silver Line Made in: India SKU: 1064 Price: About This Item When you buy this multi-gemstone bracelet, you’ll want to flaunt it, because it’s too gorgeous not to. The eye-catching colors of the gems are warm and reflective. Gems are laid out in a double strand, bookended by a larger stone at opposite ends. This gemstone bracelet can be worn with your everyday garb as well as when you dress up. Heads up—you can expect a lot of interest in the form of questions and compliments when you were it, so be prepared; although it can be worn by the shy among us to bring them out of their shells with the promise of a topic that will be fun to talk about. Not all gem bracelets were created alike and we can assure you ours can hold its own. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another multi-gemstone bracelet like it.

Where It Was Made

Made in Delhi

Who It Was Made By

About the Artisan All handcrafted items created by Manoj sparked by his imaginative take on mythology.


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