Silver & Citrine Earrings

Silver & Citrine Earrings


Made In: India
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Silver & Citrine

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Only 1 left in stock

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Jewelry > Earrings > Citrine Hearts Silver Drop Earrings PK: Citrine Hearts Silver Drop Earrings LT: citrine silver drop earrings, citrine and silver earrings 21. Citrine Hearts Silver Drop Earrings These citrine hearts silver drop earrings will inspire your inner romantic. Even better yet, buy them for her to show her how much you care and for the prelude to a romantic evening. Dimensions: Features: • Two spectacular cut citrines • Hearts will brush delicately below your ears • Set in beautiful high gloss silver Made by: Amrapali Made in: India SKU: 1020 Price: About This Item Steal the heart of your crush, girlfriend or wife with these citrine silver drop earrings. The women who wear them will love the flattering fit and the oblong citrine centers that rest against their ears, along with the citrine hearts set in silver that dangle just below each ear, catching the light and the attention of all. You can’t go wrong with the heart motif in earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, medallions, pendants or any other ornament. It is one of the most popular designs and demanded by women across the globe. When the heart is the focal point of citrine and silver earrings, you’ve got a winning combination.

Who It Was Made By

Artisan Vivek proffers a remastered collection of hand-crafted jewelry that restores ancient relics from time-honored traditional tales, bringing them to life with a modernly-adaptable design.


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