Silver & Rainbow monstoon Earring

Silver & Rainbow monstoon Earring


Made In: India
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Silver & Rainbow monsoon

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Only 1 left in stock

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Jewelry > Earrings > Rainbow Moonstone Circles and Drops Earrings PK: Rainbow moonstone circles and drops earrings LT: rainbow moonstone earrings, moonstone earrings 23. Rainbow Moonstone Circles and Drops Earrings Our featured rainbow moonstone circles and drops earrings are ultra-feminine and demure yet catch and reflect the sun in a dazzling , major way. Dimensions: Features: • Classic tear drop rainbow moonstone set in sleek silver • Elegant moonstone earrings make a great gift • Butterfly backs prevent earrings from slipping off Made by: Amrapali Made in: India SKU: 1022 Price: About This Item Don’t be fooled by their small stature—these rainbow moonstone circles and drops earrings reflect brilliant, glittering light in all settings. They have a soft, Figure Eight shape with two stones: the smaller circle-shaped moonstone rests snugly against your ear while the attached tear drop stone dangles below your earlobes. Moonstone earrings this lovely are a rare find so naturally we are thrilled to have found them across the globe so you can enjoy them and wear them with all your favorite outfits. They will contribute to a polished and pretty look. These rainbow moonstone earrings will soften and beautify your appearance and send the message that you only adorn yourself with classic accessories and jewelry and shop quality products.

Who It Was Made By

The Artisan takes pride in her individual handmade pieces and is inventive in creating quality pieces where no two alike. Her hard work ethic and focus on individuality have been part of her success in a prolific partnership.


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