Silver & Rainbow monstoon

Silver & Rainbow monstoon


Made In: India
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Silver & Rainbow monstoon

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Only 1 left in stock

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Product Information

Jewelry > Earrings > Rainbow Moonstones Circles and Squares Earrings PK: rainbow moonstone circles and squares earrings LT: rainbow moonstone earrings 22. Rainbow Moonstone Circles and Squares Earrings These rainbow moonstone circles and squares earrings are intense light catchers with a vintage vibe. You’ll adore the flattering light cast against your skin and the way they frame your ears. Dimensions: Features: • Three rainbow moonstones set in silver • Scrolling tendril silver design frames moonstones • Earrings work well with all face shapes Made by: Amrapali Made in: India SKU: 1021 Price: About This Item The rainbow moonstone circles and squares earrings come with ornate scrolling tendrils with a gorgeous square-against-circle contrast. There is something about the pairing of rich polished silver with rainbow moonstone that produces a stunning antique look. This set boasts three moonstones per earring—a small circle-shaped moonstone at the top, a large square moonstone in the center and an oblong oval at bottom, which can play peek-a-boo with your ear lobe. This unique motif is a must-have for the purveyor of truly authentic and unique rainbow moonstone earrings.

Where It Was Made

Jaipur – India

Who It Was Made By

Each piece of artisans collection is inspired by nature. He chooses to work with gems and stones with a spiritual symbolism attached to them, especially for healing, power, protection and ultimately, confidence.


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