Tribal Art – Gond Painting

Tribal Art – Gond Painting


Made In: India
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Original – Signed by Arjun B

Unique art using dots, lines & dashes

Made on paper with charred wood / wood coal

Thin twigs used as a bursh

Size: 11″x15″

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Product Information

This piece of work is authentic and enticing bearing an idiosyncratic spirit & soul of tribal art form.  This unique painting style is native to the Gond Tribe.  The beauty of these paintings lies in their simplicity which is evident in this simple yet beautiful black and white painting.

Gond’s put a lot of effort into making the paintings as they believe that a good picture will bring you good luck.  Each painting tells as story revolving around humankind’s relationship.  This art has a close resemblance to the Australian Aboriginal art.

Where It Was Made

The GOND Art originated from the tribes of Central India. The Gond tribal community is the largest in India and is based on the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Who It Was Made By

The artists belong to the GOND tribe and these paintings have become a way of sustaining their culture through generations.  These work of art took the place of what written scripts would have done for other communities mainly because written scripts were absent.
The GOND community lives their art through their homes, floors and walls of houses are covered with beautiful and colorful paintings.

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Animal- deer, People


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