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About Aisra Products

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. – Aristotle

The words of Aristotle accurately reflect the intent of Aisra [ess ¬ rah]. Established in January 2013, we were founded on the idea of individual expression through artistic cultivation. The objet d’art (art objects) we have collected from master craftsman around the globe are the tools that can be used to unlock your inner true you. Adorn yourself in original apparel and decorate your home with authentic pieces, for display or for everyday use.

Aisra helps you answer the following questions:

How do you define what is beautiful? How do you define yourself in relation to the world around you?

For many of us, we don’t know what is aesthetically pleasing until we see it. When we bring new items into our homes, piece by piece, we are exercising our right to continue to define and refine what we consider beautiful, which becomes an outer extension of our inner selves.

For those of us who wish to explore all corners of the globe in search of treasure but realistically can’t make the journey, we can turn to Aisra for an aesthetic adventure. You can even put in a request for a hard-to-find item you would like and we will attempt to obtain it for you. We work with artisans near and far locating rare objects – so you may bring home the tangible. What you choose to surround yourself with helps shape who you are.

Take a tour of Aisra to discover items brought to life that will soothe your inner palate. Visit the Aisra Collection to invent new methods of artistic expression. Please come back often to peruse our consistently updated inventory and to see all the latest additions to our catalog. Take advantage of the value Aisra affords us through our below-market pricing tiers. Aisra makes it all attainable with deeply satisfying savings. Aisra awaits – explore a whole new you.

Aisra – unique pieces for unique personalities
          –  where individuality is applauded
          – adorn yourself in artistic expression
          -paint your way to artistic expression, one brush stroke at a time with the Aisra collection